The new version is out!

Posted on February 9, 2020 on Obvibase Blog

It's finally here folks! The new version of Obvibase is a near-full rewrite of the app, we love what we've done, and hope you will too.

The new technology that we have under the hood makes the app more reliable, faster, and easier for us to enhance going forward.

As for the user interface, you will notice most of the improvements by just using the app, but here are a few highlights:

  • We now fully support mobile browsers.

  • The text in table cells is now wrapped rather than truncated (if your rows end up too tall, we recommend either resizing the relevant columns, or hiding them in the table but keeping them visible in the form).

  • In the past if a cell contained a link, it couldn't contain anything else, otherwise the link didn't get detected. Now you can mix regular text and links in one cell. Plus, the app now detects phone numbers in addition to URLs and emails, so on a mobile phone you can tap a number to call it.

  • We've added search-as-you-type, and the search now correctly handles characters like é and œ. Don't forget the Cmd/Ctrl+F shortcut.

  • Data can now be imported into existing database records that are looked up using values from a "key" column.

  • You can now move between cells using the Tab key in addition to the arrow keys.

Last but not least, the new version lays the groundwork for some cool new features which will now be coming fast (a couple of them just need to be enabled once the dust settles on the initial release). To get notified as they are released, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.